Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Weekend Away

Well i'm going away for the weekend to see some old mates down in london, i'm one of the lucky ones as i've managed to get a place to stay at their small flat, where as others are having to find st pancras hotels or cheap hotels in London to stay at over night, which in my mind isn't going to be that cheap.

i know that drinks are going to be more expensive down there and in the end that could end up costing as much as a hotel room for the 2 nights we are down there.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Cheaper on the net

well I've just done a big order of raw papers from an online head shop, i thought I'd try something a bit different, so thought these looked cool, and if i don't like them i can always flog them down the boozer as there's always someone daft enough down there to buy anything.

I can remember a mate bought a watch when he was really drunk, for about £30 this foreign guy said he was skint and needed the money turn out it was a fake Omega hahaha

Monday, 13 February 2012

Prime Lens

Well i've bought a cheap prime lens from eBay its for my canon and its a pretty cheap lens as new so it only cost me around £50, i borrowed one from a friend and was really surprised how good the Little feller was. Focusing was super quick and it was a lovely lens to work with in low light situations as it has a really low F stop of around 1. something compared to that of my stock lens which is 3.5 i think. It's a 50mm so quite close but if your not needing a zoom lens then its a great lens and will do a great job at portraits too. The hardest thing to get familiar with is the fact that there is no zoom ring so you phsyically need to move forwards and backwards.

Hopefully i can get some pictures and post them up

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Temple Run Online

Temple Run is a brand new app / game that is available for the iPhone & iPad range of products. its due to hit the Android marketplace within days and set to be just as bigger hit there as it is over on iTunes.

You can even play Temple Run Online which is great new for people that don't have any access to things like smart phones or tablets to play the game.

It could just be the game to knock Angry Birds from its perch, ok Angry Birds will still be huge for ages yet but no game seems to have come close so far, so fingers crossed for Temple Run

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Festive Period Over

Well the festive period is finally over and I'm pretty glad, some companies are only just returning back to work  yesterday which is pretty good for them getting so much time off, but it causes me problems when i need to contact them.

I've been trying to setup some wordpress hosting for a client and he hasn't been around so that's been on pause till he replies today. I need to get all his details to get it setup which is pretty easy compared to setting up normal website hosting which can prove bit of a pain.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

BRrrrr its cold

Its pretty cold at the moment so i've ordered a new gio goi padded jacket which should keep me warm over these cold months.

It looks like the wind isn't to bad at the moment but i think the news said last night that it would be around 4-5 when the bad stuff starts. so i'll be keepnig my eye out for nextdoors trampoline comnig over the fence.

I wonder if we'll see much flooding as the rivers locally seem to be up quite a bit any way.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

London For The New Year

Well I've dipped into the savings and I'm going to London for the New Year.  I've spent a few days looking through kings cross hotels to find one that's not to over priced and open on new years eve.

I'll be taking my camera down with me to get some photos of the fireworks, I've even found a secure drop location where i can dump all my photo gear and it will be safe until the morning. Because the last thing i want to be doing is going out drinking and partying with loads of photo gear weighing me down.

I'm glad I've managed to get a bed and breakfast london sorted out because this was one of the main factors of me saying down there and i didn't want to be kipping in the car.

I'll be out on new years day to get some nice picture's of London whilst its emptier than normal which should give some good pictures.

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